Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What did I do WRONG!!!!!

Hi everyone, Its Bella here,
WOW you would not believe the night I had last night......
It started out as most every night starts, me stealing moms chair, then Izzy joining in, and the two of us always manage to get mom onto the floor. That is always fun! Then the new game of tug-o-war with Elli she is kinda fun to play with then mom makes us all Sit,lay down, stand, and play dead all in the name of yummy treats, well I think Elli gets treats just cause mom thinks she is cute, cause the only time the runt sits is right before she pounces on you or the cat or what ever she feels like at the time . After treat time normally we go out the potty before bed and then well you guessed it we go to bed. Izzy has had to sleep with Elli for the last few nights and that is fine with me I get my own pink pillow right by the T.V. . But that is not how that storey ends oh no can you guess who had to sleep with the runt yep you guessed it ME oh how rude I am so not impressed Elli not to bad really in the outside our cave life but in there she bites snores gases and drools all I can say is Yuck, Oh and how can one little puppy take up so much room I think my face will always have a foot print in it for all of my days. So here is what I have to say, tonight Izzy it is YOUR turn to sleep with the mondo Elli

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