Monday, April 13, 2009

wow mommy and daddy blog too

Aroo hi everyone Elli here in the sunny warm state of Wyoming I almost nabbed the Easter bunny yesterday but on my way to do that I found a floating fluffy and ate it instead
oh well always next year the snow is all gone now there is just mud I like mud it goes squish and makes neet prints on moms floor how pretty. Bella is the coolest sister she is showing me how to hunt raccoons and to that I say AROO! hope everyone is joyen all this pretty mud

Friday, March 27, 2009

Snow is Great

Hi all Elli Mae here wow the weather is very strange here mommy and I went for a really long walk on sunday and mom was wearing a t-shirt and then we woke up on monday with more snow than I am tall wow I so didn't want to go outside the wind was sure blowen my ears were behind my head, mom said it was a blizzard i say it was ubber yuckies

we got to go stay in a hotel cause the lights and heater quit worken did you know pupies can go in hotels it was Awsome they had a pool and a restrant and all sorts of smells, mom said no dogs in the pool that is so no fair but all in all fun stuff we got to stay there for 2 days and then when we came home the snow was past the doors on the truck and the truck got stucked in the drive way oops we had to walk but that wasnt to bad cause the snow was hard and we walked on top, mom says that is why all of the goats and stuff were all over the place cause the wind made snow bridges.
Guess what we got yesterday BABY GOATS!!!! mom and dad brought them in the house to warm them up you know what mom said Dont lay on the babys Elli I was just tring to warm them up so mom put me beside them insted how rude but that dosent matter they are with there grumpy mom now and she won't let me near them. well I gotta go outside now cause mom is really happy that I quit peeing on her socks and makes happy sounds when I go outside.
have a great day AROO!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I thought so

See Bella dose like me I knew it
guess what I met a kitty who likes me his name is monster, maybe he only likes me cause he outweighs me NICE KITTY!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009


Greetings form hillbilly Haven, Izzy here can you see the pic of that strange white thing, well let me tell you about this.....

Mom gets a phone call, from her best friend and apparently some crazy person gave this pony named NACHO to her little girl and so mom is going to Montana to pick up said pony this week really what is up with this dose mom not have enough stuff going on that she has time to ride a pony on top of the 3 BIG horses she rides everyday at least the big horses make mom money so she can buy the kibble required for feeding 3 enormous hounds. Really I think moms feet will touch the ground, I guess if it wont go somewhere mom can just pick him up and move him, that will be funny, I will keep you posted on this silliness.

Well on to other fun stuff mom banned us from the putter this weekend on account of really nice weather but now weather has taken a nasty turn high of 6 degrees burr, and the snow is up to Ellis Butt so not that deep yet she is kinda short, that won't last for long you should see her she is all ears and wrinkles I like her but she dose sleep lots and she seems to wake up bigger. Oh in response to Bella's yammering the other day I got to go running with mom cause I don't trip her and I love to run ! So to her I say nener.

You all should see Ellis new coat It is so funny she likes it, but I say she looks like a dork I will put a pic on here so you can all laugh too.
K it didn't go where it was supposed to but you see her in her dorkiness right

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Hi everyone,
Bella here sounding off about the injustice of all injustices MY mom, the feeder of food, the walker of all hounds the doer of stuff has really done it this time!!
What U may ask could nice mommy have done that would be so bad, Well I will tell YOU!!!
She left Elli and I in the yard, can you believe in the yard and then do you know what she did, SHE TOOK IZZY, yep that's right Izzy, and do you know where they went, this is what gets me they ran 5 whole miles what a rip I tell you I have the longest legs, I am the oldest, but no I stay home and Izzy goes,ARGGH!
Then when they get home Izzy is like "well mom took me because I am the best behaved, I don't trip mommy by running like a loon on crack I don't chase rabbits and besides mom likes me best, so nener nener"
well I will tell you none of that is true, well except the small part about being behaved and well maybe the part about chasing rabbits, but you have got to admit rabbits are yummy and who would pass one up, besides Izzy.
I am pretty sure mom dosen't like her best cause she loves us all, cause when they got home mom gave us all loves and we All sat on her she didn't just pet one of us and treats were for everyone so that proves it yep she loves us all.

I just wish I could have gone that would have been so cool. I could have caught a rabbit, I have the longest legs.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Howdy from Elli Mae

Howdy everyone I am Elli Mae mommy said that she would help me with my first blog thing so here it goes

Mommy: "What kind of dog are you Elli Mae?"

"I am the very best kind Bloodhounnnnnd"

Mommy" Elli where did you come from?"

I came from rapid city SD I had 11 brothers and sisters and the nice lady Beth made sure we all went to good homes but she cried every time one of us left... but now I live in Gillette Wyoming, home of goats BIG horses and my new sisters Bella and Izzy, OH did I tell you about the turkey?"

M. "what about the turkey Elli"

She runs.... and runs oh she is fun to play with arooo!

M. " Elli don't chase the turkey! next question do you like your sisters?"

"O yes yes Bella best though did you know she slept with me last night?!! she doesn't take up as much room as one would think, I got to stretch ALL the way out! and the other sister Izzy I like to play with her she plays and plays do you think she ever naps?

M. " no I haven't witnessed that in a while next question, what do you do all day?"

LOTS of FUN stuff I wake up at 5am and wake you up with my cute aroos then you let me out to do stuff with the sisters then I come in the house and pee on your sock and then you say in you unhappy mommy voice NOT IN THE HOUSE! sorry mom I will try harder. Then you always give me lots of kibble AROO! that makes me very happy and full and tired so this is what happens, see pic up there.

Elli " mom lets take a nap I think I can do it all by myself later

talk to you all latter

Elli Mae AROO!!!

What did I do WRONG!!!!!

Hi everyone, Its Bella here,
WOW you would not believe the night I had last night......
It started out as most every night starts, me stealing moms chair, then Izzy joining in, and the two of us always manage to get mom onto the floor. That is always fun! Then the new game of tug-o-war with Elli she is kinda fun to play with then mom makes us all Sit,lay down, stand, and play dead all in the name of yummy treats, well I think Elli gets treats just cause mom thinks she is cute, cause the only time the runt sits is right before she pounces on you or the cat or what ever she feels like at the time . After treat time normally we go out the potty before bed and then well you guessed it we go to bed. Izzy has had to sleep with Elli for the last few nights and that is fine with me I get my own pink pillow right by the T.V. . But that is not how that storey ends oh no can you guess who had to sleep with the runt yep you guessed it ME oh how rude I am so not impressed Elli not to bad really in the outside our cave life but in there she bites snores gases and drools all I can say is Yuck, Oh and how can one little puppy take up so much room I think my face will always have a foot print in it for all of my days. So here is what I have to say, tonight Izzy it is YOUR turn to sleep with the mondo Elli