Thursday, March 12, 2009

I thought so

See Bella dose like me I knew it
guess what I met a kitty who likes me his name is monster, maybe he only likes me cause he outweighs me NICE KITTY!!!


  1. Great photos of your new pup! Congratulations! Believe it or not, I live in Alaska with two coonhounds! They are pretty rare up here. I have 2 sisters, a treeing walker named Dimond Willow (spelled the Alaskan way) and Molly, a bluetick/walker mix. Looking forward to reading more about your life with the hounds!
    Gus, Bloodhound of Alaska
    (and I don't ever wear a coat in the winter, not even when it's 40 below zero! I have a coat like a moose, my humans say!!) :-)

  2. Hey Elli Mae it's your old mommy Beth! I miss you so much but I am so happy to see you fitting in and getting so much love from your new family. Tell your new mommy Jess to give you kisses for me!!! I still have 5 of your brothers and they all told me to tell you hi!