Thursday, March 5, 2009


Hi everyone,
Bella here sounding off about the injustice of all injustices MY mom, the feeder of food, the walker of all hounds the doer of stuff has really done it this time!!
What U may ask could nice mommy have done that would be so bad, Well I will tell YOU!!!
She left Elli and I in the yard, can you believe in the yard and then do you know what she did, SHE TOOK IZZY, yep that's right Izzy, and do you know where they went, this is what gets me they ran 5 whole miles what a rip I tell you I have the longest legs, I am the oldest, but no I stay home and Izzy goes,ARGGH!
Then when they get home Izzy is like "well mom took me because I am the best behaved, I don't trip mommy by running like a loon on crack I don't chase rabbits and besides mom likes me best, so nener nener"
well I will tell you none of that is true, well except the small part about being behaved and well maybe the part about chasing rabbits, but you have got to admit rabbits are yummy and who would pass one up, besides Izzy.
I am pretty sure mom dosen't like her best cause she loves us all, cause when they got home mom gave us all loves and we All sat on her she didn't just pet one of us and treats were for everyone so that proves it yep she loves us all.

I just wish I could have gone that would have been so cool. I could have caught a rabbit, I have the longest legs.

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