Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Howdy from Elli Mae

Howdy everyone I am Elli Mae mommy said that she would help me with my first blog thing so here it goes

Mommy: "What kind of dog are you Elli Mae?"

"I am the very best kind Bloodhounnnnnd"

Mommy" Elli where did you come from?"

I came from rapid city SD I had 11 brothers and sisters and the nice lady Beth made sure we all went to good homes but she cried every time one of us left... but now I live in Gillette Wyoming, home of goats BIG horses and my new sisters Bella and Izzy, OH did I tell you about the turkey?"

M. "what about the turkey Elli"

She runs.... and runs oh she is fun to play with arooo!

M. " Elli don't chase the turkey! next question do you like your sisters?"

"O yes yes Bella best though did you know she slept with me last night?!! she doesn't take up as much room as one would think, I got to stretch ALL the way out! and the other sister Izzy I like to play with her she plays and plays do you think she ever naps?

M. " no I haven't witnessed that in a while next question, what do you do all day?"

LOTS of FUN stuff I wake up at 5am and wake you up with my cute aroos then you let me out to do stuff with the sisters then I come in the house and pee on your sock and then you say in you unhappy mommy voice NOT IN THE HOUSE! sorry mom I will try harder. Then you always give me lots of kibble AROO! that makes me very happy and full and tired so this is what happens, see pic up there.

Elli " mom lets take a nap I think I can do it all by myself later

talk to you all latter

Elli Mae AROO!!!

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  1. Ellie Mae Aroo

    This is Jagaroo and Ezzy Rider. You are so cute with those long ears and short legs. We wanted to say hello and welcome.