Monday, March 9, 2009


Greetings form hillbilly Haven, Izzy here can you see the pic of that strange white thing, well let me tell you about this.....

Mom gets a phone call, from her best friend and apparently some crazy person gave this pony named NACHO to her little girl and so mom is going to Montana to pick up said pony this week really what is up with this dose mom not have enough stuff going on that she has time to ride a pony on top of the 3 BIG horses she rides everyday at least the big horses make mom money so she can buy the kibble required for feeding 3 enormous hounds. Really I think moms feet will touch the ground, I guess if it wont go somewhere mom can just pick him up and move him, that will be funny, I will keep you posted on this silliness.

Well on to other fun stuff mom banned us from the putter this weekend on account of really nice weather but now weather has taken a nasty turn high of 6 degrees burr, and the snow is up to Ellis Butt so not that deep yet she is kinda short, that won't last for long you should see her she is all ears and wrinkles I like her but she dose sleep lots and she seems to wake up bigger. Oh in response to Bella's yammering the other day I got to go running with mom cause I don't trip her and I love to run ! So to her I say nener.

You all should see Ellis new coat It is so funny she likes it, but I say she looks like a dork I will put a pic on here so you can all laugh too.
K it didn't go where it was supposed to but you see her in her dorkiness right

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