Friday, March 27, 2009

Snow is Great

Hi all Elli Mae here wow the weather is very strange here mommy and I went for a really long walk on sunday and mom was wearing a t-shirt and then we woke up on monday with more snow than I am tall wow I so didn't want to go outside the wind was sure blowen my ears were behind my head, mom said it was a blizzard i say it was ubber yuckies

we got to go stay in a hotel cause the lights and heater quit worken did you know pupies can go in hotels it was Awsome they had a pool and a restrant and all sorts of smells, mom said no dogs in the pool that is so no fair but all in all fun stuff we got to stay there for 2 days and then when we came home the snow was past the doors on the truck and the truck got stucked in the drive way oops we had to walk but that wasnt to bad cause the snow was hard and we walked on top, mom says that is why all of the goats and stuff were all over the place cause the wind made snow bridges.
Guess what we got yesterday BABY GOATS!!!! mom and dad brought them in the house to warm them up you know what mom said Dont lay on the babys Elli I was just tring to warm them up so mom put me beside them insted how rude but that dosent matter they are with there grumpy mom now and she won't let me near them. well I gotta go outside now cause mom is really happy that I quit peeing on her socks and makes happy sounds when I go outside.
have a great day AROO!

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  1. Hey Eli mae this is Beth just thought I would say hi and let you know I am blogging now too.