Thursday, February 26, 2009

Just us hounds

Hi this is our first blog so we will tell you a little bit about ourselfs we will go in the order we came to the ranch. I was the first, my name is Bella I am a blue tick hound I came here in november of 2008 my new parents are Jess and Mike my little people who keep me suplied with stuff they find yucky are jordy 8 and sammers 5 good good girls lots of yummys fall from the table.
Then came Izzy she is a black mouth cur she is short and has a silly voice she hates racoons but in this house that is smiled upon. Izzy was moms christmas persent from dad she has to go to school hee hee cause mom said something about gray hairs, she dose good there though last week she brought home a first place ribbon fast recalls or something who knows . I do not need school I am the best bella I can be I sleep and hunt and dont eat strange stuff like izzy.
Well you have heard form two of the three the third one mom has known about for like 7 weeks and just yesterday decided to tell us we will be gettin a new Bloodhound sister on saterday I hope she is like me and not nuts like Izzy Mom thinks she wants a show dog, don't tell her but dad told me new puppy wants to be a hunter I wonder how she told him? hum well nomatter I am just glad it snowed lastnight now I can romp on Izzys head it will be fun. hope you all have a great day